application icons spilling out from the computer screen into the real world

Editor and Terminal

  • Webstorm is my primary editor. I used Neovim before, but mainly switched because Webstorm has better out of the box support for ExtJS. I am looking forward to returning to Neovim soon.
  • iTerm2 is my terminal of choice. I tried Warp, but it did not stick.
  • Zsh is the shell I use. I switched from bash long before it became the default shell on macOS. In my dotfiles repo, you can access the configuration files for various command-line tools and other applications I use.

Desktop Apps

  • Firefox is the main browser I use. I have been using it for a long time and am more comfortable with its Dev Tools than the Chrome one.
  • Raycast is what I have replaced Spotlight with. Before this, I was using Alfred (I think I even paid for the Powerpack), which is also good, but I tried Raycast one day, and everything just worked, and I never looked back.
  • Todoist helps me manage my tasks. I have been a happy user for a couple of years now.
  • Obsidian is where I keep all my notes.
  • KeePassXC is my password manager. I don’t trust the cloud solutions for this kind of information.
  • rcmd enhances the way I interact with applications. I can’t imagine going back to cmd+tabbing or, god forbid, clicking the app icon 😄.
  • Rectangle Pro is what I have settled on for window management. I tried a few other open-source alternatives, but most had something missing.
  • Flameshot is what I use for taking screenshots. I started using it in the old Ubuntu days, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it also worked for macOS.
  • Intermission reminds me to take a break from the computer. It was annoying at the beginning, but I got used to it.